Now, Succulent sand art has been growing in popularity. Layers of colorful sand can be used to quickly add color and personality to any clear glass container you find. And there is just something about the sand art that makes it a natural for succulents!


Usage & Advantages:

  • Black Sand is great for plants top dressing, particular for terrarium decoration.
  • Help keeps the soil in place when watering, and keep the insects out
  • Reduce the amount of dust that flies up when you water.


Mini Notes:

More colored sand will be available soon, so open up your imagination, and make your dreamlike garden decoration design! There is no right or wrong way to arrange your colorful layers of sand. Aim for an irregular layer, to create more interest, and consider the color combinations of the different layers.Now it is your time for the sand art!





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黑金沙 多肉、生石花铺面造景使用,可以更好的凸显出多肉的色泽,防菌防尘,黑色配白盆最佳。




PS007 | Black galaxy sand 黑金沙 | Succulent cover stone | 1KG

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