Diatomite (Celite, Diatomaceous earth) (is a friable light-colored sedimentary rock that is mainly composed of the siliceous skeletal remains of diatoms. It is a very porous rock with a fine particle size and a low specific gravity. These properties make it useful as a filter media, an absorbent, and as a lightweight filler for rubber, paint, and plastics.


Usage & Advantages:

  • Natural freshwater diatomaceous earth is used in agriculture for grain storage as an anticaking agent, as well as an insecticide. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a feed additive to prevent caking.
  • It is also used as a growing mediumin potted plants, particularly as bonsai soil. Bonsai enthusiasts use it as a soil additive or pot a bonsai tree in 100% diatomaceous earth. In vegetable gardening it is sometimes used as a soil conditioner, because like perlite, vermiculite, and expanded clay, it retains water and nutrients, while draining fast and freely, allowing high oxygen circulation within the growing medium.



1-3mm; 3-6mm 


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1-3mm 1L/5L

3-6mm 1L/5L


PS003 | Diatomite 硅藻土 | succulent cover stone | 1L

Size 尺寸
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