The common advantages of Green Natural Zeolite for agriculture applications is due to its relatively high absorption rate, cation exchange capacity, Zeolites Granule are, therefore, used to promote better plant growth by improving the value of fertilizers.



  • For plant topping paving stone
  • As soil mixed medium



  • Increase Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC)of the soil, promote better plants' growth and quality
  • Increase fertilizer efficiency and reduce nutrient leaching, reduce total fertilizer cost
  • Assure a permanent water reservoir, providing prolonged moisture during dry periods
  • Balances the pH level of soils (soil conditioner)
  • Easy to absorb by plants' and long lasting effect
  • 100% natural and organic, and absorbs and holds potentially harmful or toxic substances
  • Increase plants' immunity towards crops diseases
  • Can be combined with all type of fertilizer


Mini Notes:

Green Zeolite has irregular sharp edges, so it is not applicable to some plants which have fragile roots and cuticular layer, such as Lithops and Hawortia. However, Kanuma soil and Akadama are perfect suitable for the root growth of Lithops and Hawortia, and topping dressing for Lithops and Hawortia since Kanuma soil and Akadama are more softer than the other stone.



3-6mm 1L\5L\10L\25L


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3-6mm 1L\5L\10L\25L

PS004 | Green Zeolite 绿沸石 | succulent cover stone | 1L

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