Akadama is a well-known bonsai soil used by most of bonsai enthusiasts worldwide. The name Akadama means "red soil". Akadama is a superior media for Bonsai, Adenium and Orchids that has been tested over the centuries in Japan. It is very porous and free draining yet retains moisture. This is small granule size Double Red Line Akadama Akadama soil is mined in Japan from volcanic soil (island of Honshu, Mountain Akayi - near Tokyo). Once extracted its dried and sifted to various grain sizes. Akadama may also act as one component of growing medium when combined with other elements such as sand, composted bark, peat, or crushed lava. Akadama’s colour darkens when moist which can help the grower determine when to water a tree.



  • For plant topping paving stone
  • As soil mixed medium



  • Provides a good stability of your succulents, Bonsai trees, Adenium or Orchid plants
  • Very good air permeability
  • Nearly no tendency to soil compaction
  • Excellent drainage properties (very good against root rot)
  • High ability to hold nutrients in the soil
  • Good buffering capacity against pH fluctuations


Mini Notes:

Kanuma soil and Akadama are perfect suitable for the root growth of Lithops and Hawortia, and topping dressing for Lithops and Hawortia since Kanuma soil and Akadama are more softer than the other stone.







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赤玉土二本 1-3mm 

赤玉土二本 3-6mm 


PS002 | Akadama stone 赤玉土 | Succulent cover stone | 1L

Size 尺寸
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