Ceramsit  is made of quality clay as main material, add pore forming agent and binder, shaped through milling, screening, forming and sintering process. It is spherical particles with hard surface and developed microporous. It has advantages such as big surface area, rich void volume, strong decontamination ability.


Usage and Advantages:

  • Use as Pot Base filling
    You can use it as pot base filling, covering up the pot holes at the bottom to prevent soil leakage at the same time providing air flow for the roots.
  • Mixed with potting soil
    When mixed with soil and/or peat, Ceramsithelps enhance drainage.
    However, they also absorb and retain water, meaning that they can help ensure healthy plant growth during dry periods of the year.
  • As the sole potting medium for Hydroponics
    The most offen used potting medium for Hydroponics system.
  • As decoration
    You can beautify the plants by covering up the soil with a thin layer of Ceramsit on top of the potting plants.
    Will definitely looks neater and nicer at the same time can also retain moisture on the soil surface.


Package size: 1L 5L






1L 5L

PS009 | Bottom Ceramsite 垫底陶粒6-12mm | Ventilation | against stagnant water | 1L

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