Mini Pot Size: as the picture shows


Booking rules:

1. All the pre-order products will be available at the end of Aug. Do not accept urgent orders.

2. Purchasers need to make a full payment, and Minigarden will arrange to ship once the product's arrival. Or purchasers can make an appointment to pick them up.

3. All pre-order products will be restored to their original price once they arrive.




1. 所有预定产品,预计8月中旬至八月底到货,不接受急单和催单。

2. 所有预定产品需支付所有费用,到货安排发货,介意者勿拍。

3. 所有预定产品将在到货日,恢复原价。

CS0012 | 黑窑变套盆

$30.00 Regular Price
$27.00Sale Price
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