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The Succulent Soil A is mix up to 90% of Vermiculite and Imported Danish Peat Soil. It also contains

succulent stone, like Perlite, River Sand, Maifan Stone, Red Scoria,  Green Zeolite, Diatomite. Meanwhile, it added A2 Succulent Slow Release Fertilizer, fungicide, and Imported Japan Insecticides.



1. Succulent Baby Plants which less than a half-year

2. Good for leaf propagation and seeding



1. Rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements, improve soil effectively, promote the growth.

2. Imported Danish Peat Soil Fertilizer riches in fertilizer, together with A2 Succulent Slow Release Fertilizer to provide adequate nourishment for Succulents in a long-term.

3. Rich in Vermiculite and Imported Danish Peat Soil, so it has good water retention capacity and air permeability.

4. Prevent roots rotted from fungus.

5. Prevent succulents from pests, such as Mealybug, coccid, etc.

6. Great for baby succulent/leaves to develop root system health rapidly.

7. Purify the water.


Specification: 5KG/BAG


Mini Notes: The Succulent Soil C can be used directly for Baby Succulent Plants, seeding and leaf propagation. Or you can mix succulent stones by using the Succulent Soil A to customize the soil to your diverse requirement.






1. 用料足,除含有十几种不同颗粒土,起到渗水保肥,疏松通气,透水,防烂根的作用,还含有天然进口已杀菌泥炭土,无异味不发霉不变质,是一种理想的种植植料,丰富的天然养分释放期长,利于植物根茎的生长和透气。其三,此款多肉颗粒土中添加了奥绿进口缓释肥和小蓝药,肥料药效持久,保证了肉肉们肥肥嘟嘟健健康康的成长!

2. 针对多肉生长的不同时期配制不同配方的营养土,主要分为三个阶段育苗期,成株期和老庄期, 因为不同时期的多肉对土壤、颗粒比列的需求不同,此款颗粒土经过不断实践所得。

3. 天然原料,拒绝人工发酵基质。从根源上杜绝滋生细菌给植物带来的不必要的病虫害。



1. 控型上色快而持久

2. 疏松透气且持水保肥

3. 发根快而强壮




CSS003 | Succulent Soil A for Baby Plants 多肉颗粒十合一育苗专用土 5kg