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Fleshy partner 

This product is a highly concentrated full-element fast-fleshy plant special fertilizer containing NPK granules mixed with phenetate and mancozeb. 

This product has high fertility, fast, adequate nutrition, and the gradual decomposition, long duration, easy application, clean, after the application of multi-meat plant growth, especially fungal infection watering too much or too wet environment farming have caused very good Effect, crown rot, fungal decay, black rot have a very good effect. 

This product is versatile and suitable for administration of all kinds of succulent plants and flowers throughout the year. 

Usage: 10cm diameter pot for the 3-6 grams, buried 2-3 hours to leave the flower root potted soil, 15-20 days. 

Note: This product is due to higher fertilizers and can not be overdosed.


多肉伴侣 30g

本品属于高浓缩全元素速效多肉植物专用肥,内含氮磷钾 用苯莱特和代森锰锌的混合颗粒。




注: 因本品肥效较高,勿过量使用



FP005 | pesticide 施肥 | Fleshy partner  多肉伴侣