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Carbonized rice husk contains 0.54% nitrogen, 66 mg/kg available phosphorus and 0.66% available potassium. It is nutritious and charred at high temperatures without pathogens. 




[Usage] 5% - 10% of the mixture into the soil or other plants.


[Product advantages]: It is an instant fertilizer of high quality.


Neutralize acidic soil and regulate soil acidity and alkalinity.


It has good ventilation and drainage.


It can adsorb harmful substances in soil.


It has bactericidal and ion exchange functions to prevent rotting roots of plants. Natural Potassium Fertilizer


碳化稻壳含有0.54%的氮,66mg / kg的有效磷和0.66%的有效钾。 营养丰富,高温下可烧焦,无病原体。



[用法] 5% -  10%的混合物进入土壤或其他植物。










它具有杀菌和离子交换功能,可防止植物腐烂。 天然钾肥


FP008 | Fertilizing 施肥 | 稻壳碳 Rice husk carbon 5L