>Product Description: 
- This kind of planters are handmade with brilliant color and unique texture and are highly textured. Even the bottom of the pots is carefully glazed with the special design. 
- Materials are full, the pot is heavy, and looks very gorgeous. The pots are more beautiful than you can see from the pictures. 
- Details cannot be reproduced. So that means the pot you own is totally unique in the world. I think it is also the charm of handmade products. 


-- Width: 6.5 cm appx 
-- Height: 5.5cm appx

>Please Note:  
***Please note that the products are pots only.  
***Since this is a handmade product, it may have minor defects such as pits, pores, black spots, bumps, etc.  
***Toliet & tooth-shaped pots are no drainage holes.

Can make a Combo delivery with our TradeMe Store only adds $1 .  

***Pick up from Massey. 

***Can delivey national wide.

***Buyer must make an appointment with us before coming.

GP207 | Minigarden customized handmade pots | Buy 10 get 1 free | Random color |

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