Perlite absorbs up to 2-3 times its own weight and has excellent water permeability and gas permeability. It is an important substance for improving the soil in horticultural cultivation, and its application is more and more extensive. Adding perlite to the soil can increase the permeability of the soil several times, allowing the roots to be exposed to enough oxygen for breathing.


Perlite has stable chemical properties, does not cause damage to plants, and has a neutral pH.



Perlite and planting soil and vermiculite are prepared in a certain proportion, which is the most ideal medium for sowing, cutting and cultivation.


The most commonly used mix formula for succulent is: planting soil, perlite, Meteorite (by volume) 1:1:1.


Size 3-6mm 1-3mm







尺寸 3-5mm  1-3mm



PS017 | Perlite 珍珠岩 | Root Ventilation | Soil mix | 1L

Size 尺寸
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