>Product Description:  
-Planter pot, the perfect vessel for Succulent, Cactus and Air Plants.  
-Ideal for garden decoration or home & office decor.  
-Very stylish, it adds a nice look to your home.  
-Is an excellent gift, can be used as a Christmas gift, Anniversary gift, wedding gift or birthday gift.  


A:  H15cm; W8.5cm

B:  H21cm; W11cm

C:  H14.5cm; W8cm

>Please Note:  
***Please note that the products are pots only.  
***All my planters have DRAINAGE HOLES, so you can pot directly.  
***Since this is a handmade product, it may have minor defects such as pits, pores, black spots, bumps, etc.  

Can make a Combo delivery with our TradeMe Store only adds $1 .  

***Pick up from Massey. 
***Buyer must make an appointment with us before coming.




RS0014 | Resin Pots | Cute People | 3 Types

type 种类
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