• Please note that all succulent arrangements are handmade so each item will be slightly different than the ones photographed.
  • Please expect 1-3 days for arrangements to be made, and then 3- 5 days for items to arrive safely.
  • Please leave your request or we will make it as photos.
  • size: 10cmW 10cmL 20cmH include plants.


MiniGarden Notes:

- This arrangement is made by soilless succulents.

- The plant is healthy with strong root, easy to grow, likes full sun.

- Stone paving makes the arrangement cleaner and easier to maintain.


- You can come to our shop to choose plants and pots, we have professional staff to help you make on-site

- Pick up from 108 kemp rd Massey Auckland

- We also can deliver throughout all NewZealand. 


Advantages of Soilless Succulents:

1. Soilless Sponge makes growing cleanly and tidily.

2. Easy maintenance, the grower can easily control water with Soilless Sponge and make plants showier, even for beginners.

3. Soilless sponges contain the various nutrient substance which can maintain the growing demand for plants about 1 year.

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