SA013 | Succulent Arrangement | can succulent arrangement



  • Please note that all succulent arrangements are handmade so each item will be slightly different than the ones photographed.
  • Please expect 1-3 days for arrangements to be made, and then 3- 5 days for items to arrive safely.
  • Please leave your request or we will make it as photos.
  • size: 12cmW 12cmL 15cmH  include plants each.


MiniGarden Notes:

- The plant is healthy with strong root, easy to grow, likes full sun.

- Stone paving makes the arrangement cleaner and easier to maintain.


- You can come to our shop to choose plants and pots, we have professional staff to help you make on-site

- Pick up from 108 kemp rd Massey Auckland

- We also can deliver throughout all NewZealand. 

SA013 | Succulent Arrangement | can succulent arrangement

type 种类
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